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Dear business partner, friend, comrade, good music and exquisite wine lover: after a prolonged period of preparations, www.popp-wine.cz is born!

Allow me to introduce a new business activity of ČESKÉ HUDEBNÍ NÁSTROJE that has seemingly very little to do with music, yet it has so much in common: a feeling of beauty, joy a overwhelming happiness when quality is involved...

Just like the musical instruments and brand name accessories in intermediate and master quality that we have been delivering to our top musical ensembles, students and soloists primarily in the classical genre for 20 years (we are proud to have Josef Suk, Ivan Ženatý, Pavel Šporcl, Jiří Bárta, Jana Boušková, Kateřina Englichová, Felix Slováček and others as customers) and that have become their quality standard, so did my professional experience in the field of sommeliership, a quarter of a century of absorbing information from French and Italian wine makers, three seasons of seminars organized by the Czech Association of Sommeliers as well as dealing in quality wines, set a solid foundation for a renowned offer of this new assortment. www.popp-wine.cz is bringing you a selection of luscious wines from worlds principal wine regions featuring flavours familiar to Central European palates; we offer exceptional varietals as well as couvées that are typical, specific or of higher quality for each terroir than is customary for our market. Unlike vast majority of large scale merchants who are swamped by huge quantities of products by world wholesalers (difficult to sort out by a less knowledgeable customer who ultimately resorts to a mere price comparison), it is our aspiration and goal to choose for our clients only wines that are delicious and sensorially distinct, and to import them directly (primarily from smaller producers) at the lowest possible price levels.

www.popp-wine.cz is launching with traditional regions of Italy (Veneto, Tuscany, Piemonte, Calabria), France (Champagne, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Alsace, Loire Valley), and Chile (Colchaqua, Curico and Casablanca Valley). We are preparing a selection of truly exceptional wines from Austria and negotiating with a supplier from New Zealand. At this time, we are not considering Czech and Moravian wines and we do not supply the retail network.

Based on our experience with quality fluctuation of individual vintages or batches we continuously modify our product range so that our stock always represents the highest quality available. We store our best and most outstanding vintages for aging and only offer them when we consider them to be ready.

In the brisk language of logic and numbers: the goal of www.popp-wine.cz is to bring to the end users and companies superior wines in medium and higher price categories (CZK 100 - 1000) in the same spirit, in which we have been for two decades taking care of our violinists, flute players, saxophonists, harpists or drummers. We plan for a reward system for each client and for enticing free samples with larger purchases. For companies, we will prepare invoices for silent wines for up to CZK 500 as expense items.

We will be pleased to have you try our wine experiences and our selection of wines before you make your choice. We will arrange wine tasting according to your wishes and prepare sample sets according to your needs.

Feel good with good music and good wine from www.popp-wine.cz!

With Compliments

Vít Popp & ČHN